Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today we got some decent pool time...yayness! And I delved in too, and was pleasantly surprised by how warm the water was.

AND....we browsed in my most favourite of all shops...the art & craft store 'Michaels'. Such bliss, I tell ya! I could seriously blow a small fortune in there! We came away with some glossy paper, to try our hands at corn syrup paintings (doesn't that sound intriguing, we'll keep you posted on that one), and our white Tee's to make our South African World Cup shirts. Which, alas, we didn't get round to, due to the fact we were too busy watching the World Cup Kick-off Celebration Concert. It was so great to see so many SA flags flying in the stadium.

I just thought I'd post the official World cup anthem, which is sung by Shakira, and a proudly South African band called 'Freshly Ground'. It was nicer seeing it live on TV today, but I couldn't find the video on the web yet.

Tomorrow's game is South Africa vs. Mexico, so if y'all try call me in the morning, I won't answer the phone!!
Just warning you!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Holidays...part 1

Well, every day since the summer holiday has begun, the weather has been overcast, with thunderstorms every now and then. So our plan of spending as much time in the pools as we could has ended up with us doing this......

That's the kids, and the dog, laying "in bed" at 10 am in the morning, while it storms outside!

So it's down to plan B...which has included some of this.....

....a bit of this.......

....a whole lot of this.....

...even more of these......

....which in turn led to this.......

Tomorrow however, it's off to buy some white Tee's, so we can decorate them South African style, just in time for the Soccer World Cup on Friday. 

So be sure to check back here, so we can show y'all our art work.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

One of my many "not so smart" moments....

How do I know I'm spending way too much time on the computer?

I just tried to change the TV channel, by pointing my computer mouse at the TV screen, and clicking the left button......

Enough said!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I wanna feel what music tastes like

For those of you who don't know this about me, let me tell ya. Two things have the power to deeply move me, music and dance.

I find that God speaks to me through both, sometimes quietly and sometimes loudly.

Music that inspires me, challenges me, grips me, pulls me in, and plants itself inside of me, to push it's way through my hard, barren heart. That's the kind of music I surround myself with.

Last night, while watching the new season of So You Think You Can Dance, I was deeply moved and astounded by an amazing young man by the name of Jarrell Robinson. Who loves to dance, and loves to feel the music.

He is deaf.

He made a great statement that struck a cord within me, and I just loved. He said, "I wanna feel what music tastes like..."

I can hear music, I can feel it too, but what does it taste like?  Interesting got me thinking. It depends alot on the mood that the music draws out of me. When I'm in church, worshipping God, it tastes like warm waffles on a cold day, dripping with butter and sticky, sweet syrup.

What does it taste like to you?

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Humidity, spiders and flies.....oh my!

It's hotting up around here.

The summer is here, and hurricane season officially starts June 1st. But that's not all that's starting to rear it's ugly head! Along with the heat & rising humidity comes the bugs. In particular, the flies, persistently irritating!

And horror of horrors, the spiders!

Every night for the last week I have had to resort to the Raid and broom. Those nasty, little critters are blatant enough to walk right through the front door, as hubby goes out to put the cars away. Did I say every night? For the whole week?

And yes, the mozzies are bigger in Texas! So big in fact, that I'm convinced I've seen their Stetson hats, as they fly past and land on my legs. And they don't just emerge at night to wreak their havoc, but are equally potent during the day. I've never known mozzies to come out during the day, but here in Texas, that's their M.O.

Nasty, I tell ya!

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