Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th July....our first!

We had a tiring but lovely day out in the Woodlands yesterday. Festivities started around 6pm, and we braved the intense heat by taking the kids to Waterway Square to cool off in the interactive water park. There were bands and inflatables, watermelon and hot dog eating competitions, (not at the same time, mind you..) and numerous other activities.

We witnessed again the intense patriotism of the American people. Red, white and blue everywhere, on people's balconies, in flags, on hats, and whole families from Grandpa to baby wore colour co-ordinated outfits fitting in with the theme.

We then hunted for the perfect spot from which to view the 20 minute fireworks display. We found a piece of lawn and laid down our blankets and enjoyed the rest! The temperature was cooling a little, and a wonderful breeze had started to blow, which really helped! The sun went down around 9pm, and about 9:30 the fireworks started. It was really loud, but really beautiful! The kids had never seen a fireworks display like this before, so after their initial shock at the loud bangs going on around them, they were soon squealing in delight!

I tried my best to get some good shots, but nothing can do the real thing justice, it's was a great show, and the finale erupted in about a minute of non-stop continuous multiple rounds of fireworks illuminating the heavens. And the crowds and crowds of people broke out into applause at the end. A truly memorable evening.

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JLI (Jenn) said...

How interesting to see pictures of fireworks! Yours are the first I've seen aside from the typical professional shots of the MNYC display and whatnot.

I just got a tripod a couple months ago, so I was excited to have the chance to shoot the fireworks this year! Our pictures look quite similar...I have a web album full of them if you're interested. Just leave a comment somewhere on my blog so I can grab your email address and I'll send them to ya.

PS - what equipment do you use? I have a Pentax K200D with the standard lens kit (18-55mm) plus a 300mm lens as well.