Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The whole family has been busy trying out the local foods since we arrived here, and sweets of course, are on top of the list. Chocolate is definitely better in South Africa, and the UK. There is NOTHING like Cadbury's chocolate. I have yet to find anything that can compare, even remotely with a Kit-Kat, or Peppermint Crisp. Many sweets here have Peanut Butter in them, and a lot of chocolate bars are made by Hershey's (no, not related!). And they all pale in comparison!

Just today however, the kids have found some sweets that they really love, and climbed into them with great gusto! OK....I'll admit it.....I did too.....don't hold it against me!

I decided to mark the occasion by taking some photos.......because there's just NO WAY anyone can eat these sweets on the sly...the evidence was clearly visible......

These little gems are 'Gushers'.....and they are soft jelly-like sweets, with juicy, runny....gushy...centres!! They literally burst in your mouth...and if you're not careful, all over your suede lounge suite and beige carpets!!!

They were definitely a hit in the Hersey household today!!


Kacie said...

I agree- I love gushers! Do you like the peanut butter candies? I love peanut butter m&ms, yum! Or Heath bars, which are toffee flavored? Almond Joy for coconut, cocolate and almonds? You are right about the chocolate though. There isn't any decent chocolate around here!

Annette said...

Haven't tried alot of the ones you've mentioned now, but the day is still young!!!must try the peanut butter M&M's!! What chocolate do you like?