Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home is where you lay your rump!

In the infamous words of the Pumba the warthog from 'The Lion King'........"Home is where you lay your rump!!"

We have our home!!!
Yes, it is official.....we are busy signing the lease for our first 4 bedroom home in The Woodlands. We received the official call this afternoon from our realtor, after an AGONISING day spent checking and rechecking our emails and cell phones.

It is a lovely bright, clean, newly painted house, with lovely stainless steel appliances (double door fridge, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer). There are hard wood, and laminate floors everywhere, which I really wanted, as trying to keep light beige carpets clean with two juice-spilling, food dropping, crayon-drawing kids is a near impossibility! There is a formal dining room, and a breakfast nook. A family room, and a games room upstairs. It is really wonderful. And a lawn service is included in the rent. Even the realtor agreed that it is a good deal.
We are planning to move in around the 21st July. Then Andrew will be back from Germany, and the kids and I, from Vermont.
We won't have any of our furniture yet...but hey...a minor detail!! WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!

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JLI (Jenn) said...

How beautiful! That nook that looks out into the wooded yard is breathtaking...I'd probably park my bed right in front of the window! Congratulations!