Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old friends and new

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Yesterday, I was mulling over my state of nostalgia, and grappling with the fact that texts, emails and
Skype just simply weren't enough!

Today, I find myself in awe of modern technology and media that can bring people together again!

I received a surprise visitor on my Facebook wall this morning. At first glance the name just didn't jog any memories, but a second look at her picture showed her to be an old friend whom I haven't seen for about 21 years! She was in high school with me, and I don't think I've seen or heard about her until today, when she popped up on my computer screen! She is living her own great adventure in a different country, and I feel a unique connection with her, just knowing that she has travelled the same road we find ourselves on now.
It's really exciting to 'discover' these friends again, after so many years, and between so many countries. It's like making new friends all over, and helps to lift my heavy heart again.

So, today I am grateful to be able to log onto my computer, and check out who's doing what, and who sent a 'Crazy Hug' to whom. It's great to be able to catch little glimpses here and there of my friends lives, and let them see into mine.

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