Sunday, June 21, 2009

We've discovered IKEA!

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It's official!!

I have found the store to end all little piece of heaven.....the destroyer of my budget!!


A veritable super-store of all things decor!! Furniture, linens, kitchenware, lighting, curtaining, and the list goes on. To make it even more appealing, there is a secure child playground, where one can leave the offspring to play merrily, while browsing to one's heart content!

Can it get any better than this??

We South African's have never experienced a store like this, so please excuse my excitement. Especially if you are one of the fortunate ones who have been to IKEA. Outdoor Warehouse, Builders Warehouse, not any warehouse can compare to this wonderful shopping haven!
We knew not what we were letting ourselves in for, when we paid IKEA a visit on Saturday morning. And dear husband had to drag me out kicking and screaming, while holding on tight to his bank card for dear life!

Now bear in mind that we only went in with the intention of looking for some coffee tables, since most of our furniture is on route in the 20' container from SA. But oh.......we looked at sofa beds, and TV stands, plates and glassware, recliners, kids bedroom furniture, and some desks to top it off.....such joy!!!!

Take a deep breath, I didn't blow my car budget! In fact, all we bought were 2 hot-dogs and 2 packets of crisps. Oh, and two cuddly toys for the boys. But I was tempted.....boy, was I tempted!!

We will indeed go back to our new-found furniture oasis, and this time, we will be trying the Swedish meatballs!!
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Kacie said...

haha! They are addicting. We only go about once a year because it's just far enough away and we spend a bit too much!

I do love it though... fantastic store.