Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Interesting Phenomenon

We have discovered an interesting American phenomenon.

The practise of self-storage. There are self-storage facilities of all shapes and sizes EVERYWHERE in Houston. (See example on right)

From what we have gathered it goes something like this.....

Family accumulates things, and by things I refer to anything from beds; camping equipment; exercise machines; toys; furniture; electrical equipment, basically anything.

Family amasses many things, (alot of which do not get used...ever) and they run out of space in their home.

Family then move excess 'things' into garage.

Family eventually can no longer fit car into said garage.

Car is now parked in the street.

Eventually family decides to move excess things from the garage, in order to make space for their car.

Family does this by spending more money every month, on storage space for all the excess things. Which do not get used!!

We still remained puzzled by this phenomenon.................

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Kacie said...

LOL! So true and hilarious. We talked about getting a storage space after this most recent move, in which we have put four people and all of their things into a small three-bedroom apartment... but we just couldn't justify it.

I just can't comprehend how people with houses would bother renting a storage space!

Well, welcome to the US! I have several friends from SA, both from my life in Indonesia and my college years in Chicago. I hear Houston is a pretty fun place to live (more so than Dallas), but I imagine there is quite a bit of culture shock for you guys!