Monday, June 22, 2009

The Sacred World of the South African Braai.

I came across an amusing video today. It made me smile. It's the sacred world of the South African braai!! (aka 'barbecue') Nothing can compare!

But what is even more fascinating is the unspoken, unwritten man-code that accompanies this past-time. The secret law between men that you don't get between him and his meat! And heaven help the mortal who dares to tell him when to turn the steak, or if the fire is too hot. The braai will forever remain a man's sacred abode, the place where he reigns supreme and can conquer all !

We haven't had an opportunity to have a real "braai" since we've arrived here, and I know that my dear husband is chomping at the bit to pull out the braai tongs and get his hands blackened in charcoal dust! I know that as soon as we move into our house, the "grill' in the backyard will be lovingly cleaned and inspected, and the wonderful aroma of braaivleis will permeate the air once again! And I can't wait!
I love to watch him in action..... all the tools must be on hand, the meat must be fully prepared i.e tenderised or marinated. The fire gets primped and preened, the bowls should be ready. It's like watching a beautifully choreographed culinary dance. Attention to detail is a prerequisite. And the best part of all.......I can sit back and leave him to it......and just add the occasional comment like "That fire looks perfect dear!" and "This is the best braai you've ever made, my love".
Aaahh, the South African braai....there's nothing like it!!!
Enjoy the video!!!

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