Wednesday, June 10, 2009

13 things you might not know about Houston, Texas.

Since alot of people ask me to tell them more about Houston, I thought I'd give y'all a brief 411 on all things Texan!
1. It will take you just under 15 hours to drive from one side of Texas to the other!
2. It is the most air-conditioned place on the earth. Climate is classified as marine or semi-
tropical. The average temperature in Houston is 70' F all year round (that's about 21' C).
3. Houston, at approximately 596 square miles (959 Km's), is the fourth largest city in America. 4. Houston is the largest city in Texas with a population approaching three million.
5. There are around 90 different languages spoken throughout Texas.
6. Houston has more than 165 public and private golf courses.
7. The worst natural disaster in United States history was caused by a hurricane that hit
Galveston (just outside Houston) in 1900. Over 6000 deaths were recorded.
8. The Houston tunnel system is the world's largest indoor air-conditioned pedestrian tunnel
system. It includes 7 miles of underground pedestrian tunnels and sky walks connecting 65
buildings in downtown Houston, Texas.
9. More species of bats live in Texas than in any other part of the United States. Bracken Cave,
near San Antonio, is home to about 20 million bats.
10. "Texas" comes from an Indian word "tejas" which means 'friendly'.
11. Texas has 15 kinds of rattlesnakes!!!
12. The local grocery store sells cactus in the Fresh Produce department?????????
13. Houston has approximately 10,000 to 12,000 restaurants (this includes fast food joints)!
Well, there you go.... 13 things you might, or might not, have wanted to know about Houston, Texas. One thing I can say about Houston, is that it is REALLY....REALLY....REALLY BIG!! And I'm really starting to love things like the downtown skyline, with the beautiful glass buildings, and well maintained parks. I love the way American flags fly outside almost every company, shop, car lot, and private home.
Houston might not be the prettiest city in America, but it certainly has it's own charm!

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