Friday, June 12, 2009

We usually go out Friday evenings, usually because the kids and I have been stuck in the apartment the whole week. So we have been trying out the different restaurants, and exploring the various suburbs and generally enjoying the warm summer evenings.

Tonight however, we decided to stay at home and have a family Wii competition, and topped it off with some pizza! The Wii is a new addition to our family, and we decided get one, because we liked the fact that you can play sports, (we aren't into the usual video games thing with violence and monsters etc. etc.) and stay a little more active with it.

Well, suffice to say, both Andrew and I ended up getting whipped by our 8 and 5 year old boys, and even heard the occasional....
"You're supposed to do it this way Daddy!" and ....
"Mommy's not very good at this game, is she?"
And at one stage, I got a little concerned that Andrew wouldn't let the kids go to bed until he had beaten them at something!
Between you and me, I think he'll be sneaking into the lounge tonight while we're all asleep, and try get some private practise time!

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