Friday, June 5, 2009

Our life in the blogosphere.....

For all our friends and family out there, who were surely getting tired of my long, verbose email updates, this is for you! (OK, it's fun for me too....but don't hold it against me...)

As a means of chronicling our journey - and keeping our loved ones included in the whole affair - I have decided to catch up with the 21st Century, and begin with a blog! Now... no-one was less bloginformed than I. So, with a little investigation, and reading the book "Blogging for Dummies"... (just kidding...but I'm sure the book is out there somewhere?)...I have become a little bit more versed in all things Blog!

I'm hoping that this will inspire some of you to delve into the big blogosphere out there, and maybe even blog a little yourself! After all, everyone has a story to tell, and guaranteed someone will listen. You may even find yourself becoming a blogoholic and developing a little blogorrhea!! (I have included the link below for those who feel the inclination to check out the lingo...)

But, I digress........basically, I just hope that y'all follow along with us, laughing at us, crying with us, and learning more about this big ole country in the West!

Enjoy the ride with us.......this is our American Tale!

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