Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's a small world

After we had looked at some more houses this morning......more on that tomorrow.....we decided to go for lunch to The Cheesecake Factory, a deliciously wonderful restaurant we have discovered since our time here. Upon sitting down at our booth, our waiter came to introduce himself, and take our drinks order. As soon as he started talking, we knew he wasn't "from around here", as the locals like to say. As soon as he left the table I immediately said I thought he was from the West Indies, or somewhere similar. But Andrew said he has to be from the UK.
So, unable to contain our curiosity, we got round to asking him where he was from. Turns out he had an interesting story, one we still haven't grasped entirely....nevertheless, he said he was from Johannesburg, South Africa. "NO!" we replied. "Oh yes", he said, although I've lived for a while in the UK (OK.... so Andrew won that round!!).

He went on to tell us that he was originally born in Lagos, Nigeria. But shortly after moved to Joburg, with his Egyptian father, Nigerian mother and twin brother. They sometime later went on to the UK, and were now living in the States. Where he is currently studying in the chemical engineering field.

We had succeeded in learning more about our waiter in 5 minutes than we had our neighbours in 3 months!!

We naturally told him we were from Johannesburg ourselves, and straight away common ground was felt! I had noticed during the conversation that the people in the tables around us, were listening with curiosity at the mix of " foreign" accents they were hearing. The Texans seem to be intrigued whenever they hear an unfamiliar accent, and enjoy guessing where we come from!

Anyway, I just found it very interesting to meet someone who spoke with an English accent, said he comes from South Africa, was originally from Nigeria, but was busy bringing me a club soda in a restaurant in Houston, Texas! The world is indeed becoming a smaller place!!

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