Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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I am mobile once again......what joy!!!
I collected my car on Saturday, and let dear husband drive it home (alright.....I haven't had the courage to drive on the Interstate yet!!). But once we were home, I took it out for a spin, and it is lovely. Truly!!
And what space!! For those of you who remember me riding around Johannesburg in my green Mazda Midge a.k.a "the little green bomb", then you will appreciate how spacious this car really is. I feel like the Captain of the Starship Enterprise.....(I know, I DO need to get out more!)
My kids think it's "so cool", and all the space to move is really fun, and the fact that they have a choice of chairs is such a novelty!
Our only dilemma, is the fact that since the acquisition of the new car, our garage seems to have shrunk. No kidding!!
We have since learned how to become contortionists. As you can tell from the way we climb and bend our way in and out of the cars, once they are parked side by side in the garage. I have decided that the trick is to do it on an empty stomach. And forget trying to do it in a lady-like's NOT gonna happen!
But who cares??? I'm on the move...I have a car!

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Melanie said...

Congratulations! Your car is beautiful. I love the colour. I hope you enjoy many miles (oops! nearly said kilometres).