Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving...the Koeksisters way!

Thanksgiving is next week Thursday. So it will be our first family thanksgiving holiday ever! And today I got a really good taste (literally and figuratively) of what thanksgiving is all about.

Because today was The Koeksisters thanksgiving lunch!

For my non-South African readers, let me first start of by explaining what a koeksister is. The actual koeksister (and not the wonderful bunch of ladies who meet here in The Woodlands), looks something like this.........

"A koeksister comes from the Dutch word koekje, the diminutive of
koek meaning "cake". It is a South African syrup-coated doughnut in a
twisted or braided shape (like a plait). It is prepared by deep-frying dough
in oil, then dipping the fried dough into cold sugar syrup. Best eaten cold,
koeksisters are very sticky and sweet and taste like honey. Koeksisters are
of Cape Malay origin. The Afrikaner version is much more syrupy and crispy
while the Cape Malay version's texture is more like that of a cake, spicier,
and usually covered in dried coconut. There is also a difference in
spelling, the latter generally referred to as koesister.. "
:- Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Hope that helped .......(isn't it amazing what you can learn from reading this blog, you can't say I'm not educating y'all!)

Now, the Koeksisters that I have had the great delight in meeting, and who get together once a month, are a fantastic bunch of ladies who all hail from South Africa. They have been a great source of help and encouragement to me, and today was no exception.

A super time was had by all, we laughed, we shared what we were all thankful for, and we ate.....boy, did we eat! It was a veritable feast!

So, I finally remembered to take my camera along with me, and took a few shots of the occasion, I wasn't going to let this event pass by without sharing it with you all.

Here's a few photos, you can click on the collage to view them larger........ the way....that long green stick-like-thing with the green-balls on... (bottom right corner) is actually a Brussel sprout stalk!! Go figure!!! I would never have known they grew like I said before, you never know what you'll learn on this here blog!!

So, thanks ladies - it was a great way to have my first thanksgiving experience!


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