Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That's what little boys are made of.

So I have decided I need to buy myself a shot gun.....yes, they are legal in Texas (I just googled it!). And no, I did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

The reason for my sudden interest in the purchase of a fire-arm has been due to my (only recently turned) 6 year old son.

Now, now....before you all have the child protection unit showing up at my door, let me explain!

Since starting school in August, it seems my son has become quite the little ladies man!! Every few days he would return home talking about a lovely young lady in his class that seems to have befriended him. There was one, then another, and then another.

Then he would start asking us if one of these young ladies could come over to play. Now I was starting to get worried! He nagged and nagged.
Then I received an email from one of these girls' mother, asking if Connor could come and play one afternoon at her daughters house. He was to be the only boy with 3 girls.

This wasn't so funny any more. (I'm a mother, for crying out loud!)

Anyway, as it happens we already had plans to go to the childrens theatre, so he never ended up at the play date. Much to his consternation.

The other day, I got asked by him to buy a toy he'd seen on the TV recently, it was a girls toy, and before I started to get worried, he quickly informed me it was for the new friend he had made, so that when she came to play at our house, she would have a toy to play with.......he had rendered me speechless at this point!

And now, to top it all off, he arrived home from school, and promptly took a little scrap of paper out of his bag, and on it was a phone number, complete with the number 2's written backwards, mind you. It seemed he and his new friend had decided they were taking matters into their own hands, and were now swopping phone numbers!

Now....how do I go about acquiring a gun license....it seems I'll have need of one in a few years time, just to keep these girls at bay.....oh my!


Kacie said...

So funny - good for him! and yeah, you better look out!

JLI said...

So funny! Better that than pulling hard and pushing little girls into the mud! His gesture was thoughtful! :)

JLI said...

Woops, meant to say "pulling HAIR"...

SA Expats said...