Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We are thankful!

We are thankful for every new day, new adventures, new memories being made and old ones cherished. We are thankful for each other.

We are thankful for our first thanksgiving meal in this new country.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, and one I think we will come to love as other Americans do.
Just a relaxed day of family and feasting.

I made the turkey and stuffing, and we all sat down and enjoyed the time together. We have now eaten enough turkey to last us to next year, so the thought of making anything with the leftover turkey meat and carcass is just too much for me. No turkey stock, no turkey soup....enough turkey.


I tried to make the table look a little festive, although I don't have much of a clue how it's supposed to look.

Kellan has been moaning that we don't eat at the normal" dining table but at the smaller table in the breakfast nook, so we took this chance to make it special for them too.

Serious turkey talk........

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JLI said...

Annette, it's not "supposed" to look like anything in particular, just what pleases you!

I think your table was perfectly lovely!!

Kacie said...

I think it looks fall themed, which is perfect! Great job for your first year! We actually ate at a hotel buffet since we all came in from out of town... but most importantly my whole family was together!

Annette said...

Thx JLI & Kacie! We enjoyed our day, and like you say being together as a family is what it's all about hey!!

Melinda said...

i love your table centerpiece! that is beautiful!!! :) Happy Belated Thanksgivig!

boo said...

I think your table looked lovely. It looks if the family enjoyed your food.