Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bokomo, Mrs Balls and Bovril

I know it's serious when dear husband berates me for getting slack with my blog! *hanging my head in shame*

However, I have finally found some semblance of order, and routine. And we even manage to fit in an evening bike ride. And now we all have tennis racquet's and Andrew has been teaching Kellan "some moves". He really seems keen to learn, so we will probably end up putting him in a tennis programme at the local Recreation centre. The kids really look forward to the evening ride now, and are enjoying school, so they are doing really well.

On a different note, we had a delivery the other day.....what joy!!! The parcel from the South African Food Shop.....woohoo!

Since Kellan is a HUGE Pronutro fan, and you cannot find anything like that here at all (which is amazing considering the ENORMOUS selection of cereals here!), we decided to buy 5 boxes. 5 BOXES!!! .....I hear you say.....yes..... well considering we got the delivery less than a week ago, and we are already on our 2nd box, I don't think 5 boxes is a lot...really!!

Naturally we had to have Mrs. Balls chutney....duh! Peck's Anchovette Paste hasn't gone down badly either!

A little taste of South Africa......nice!


Kacie said...
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Kacie said...

What IS it all? haha. ProNutro is cereal - what kind? Bisto is chicken broth mix, right? maybe?

Kacie said...
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Annette said...

Ahh Kacie, I need to introduce you to the wonder that is South African food (Ha,Ha). Well the Pronutro is an instant cereal powder that you mix with hot or cold milk, I'm not a fan of the chocolate flavour, but enjoy the Apple Bake one. The Bisto is a beef stock/gravy powder. If you were closer I'd invite you for a truly South African Meal. Probably Babotie (a traditional Cape malay dish) and some Melktert for's that sound?

Melinda said...

YAY! Food from home!! That is ALWAYS the best I think, especially when being an expat.

In fact I just emailed my expat group regarding where to find bagels and real mexican food at! Just the little things in life we take for granted I suppose!