Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love my GPS, I love my GPS......really!!

Well, you probably know by now the love/hate relationship I have with our GPS....if not, you can read about it here.

I have tried to make piece with "Roz", she has after all, helped us out of some sticky situations. (I choose to forget the times when she lost her cool with us, and led us on a wild goose chase to dead ends, and the proverbial street-with-no-name!) Let bygones be bygones and all that!

Take a look at this clip......and this guys take on the piece of technology we all love to hate!


Kacie said...

I met some South Africans who work in the childcare program at my church! They're great. Too bad they're not in Austin, you'd love them too!

Your kids WILL make friends, that I can garuntee. Adult friendships are harder, and oh I KNOW how tough it is to be new and lonely!

When I first moved here I desperately looked for various sorts of groups to join to meet people - book groups, Bible study, service groups.. you know. Anything to bring me in contact with people! That paid off eventually, but the process is lonely in the beginning!

I think it is also a time of stripping away, where it's pretty much you, your family, and God. We are made for community, but it's also good to sometimes be forced to be so alone with God. AT least... that's the way it was for me two years ago!

SA Expats said...

GPS saved my marraige. No more fighting about directions.