Monday, September 14, 2009

What's America talking about?

These are a few of the Buzz words, and things that have and still are getting America talking....

  1. 9/11 last week, saw memorials and programmes being shown all over the TV. Still gets to me, even though I've seen the TV footage many times. I still recoil in horror seeing people jumping out of the windows, and seeing those planes fly into the twin towers like they were made of Lego. Unimaginable, and still very, very sad!
  2. 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Ike, that ploughed through Galveston and Houston. It was 420 miles in diameter and devastated the coast line, causing extensive flooding and $32 billion in damage. Crews are continuing to pluck shipping containers, sunken boats and other debris from Galveston Bay.
  3. Michael Jackson is still making some headlines here, although maybe it's his family more so. Latoya Jackson, especially, for saying she believes her brother was murdered, and that Michael himself predicted he would be murdered.
  4. Serena Williams for her outburst on the court over the weekend. But she has since apologised.
  5. Kanye West for his outburst on the Music Video Awards. And he has also apologised.
  6. Lady Gaga, for her very strange ensemble at said Music Video Awards.Lady Gaga was best dressed! Hahaha
    (Photo by John Carson on Buzznet)
  7. The death of "Dirty Dancing" star Patrick Swayze, at age 57. I can't even begin to count how many times I have seen that movie. (yes....I am one of those people!)
  8. Caster Semenya it seems has the sympathy of the American folk, in general. And people don't want to see her loose her Gold Medal.
  9. The new American Idols judge, Ellen DeGeneres. It sounds like a lot of people like the idea of her being the new judge, and hope she'll bring some humour to the show.
  10. The new US Open winner, Juan Martin Del Potro, who beat former 5 time champ Roger Federer.


JLI said...

I'm not sure anyone I know has me beat on how many times I've watched Dirty Dancing. 300 seems like a modest number, although I feel confident it's more than that!! There isn't a line from that movie I can't quote word for word! Very sad about Mr. Swayze but I wouldn't wish the pain and suffering he likely endured on my worst enemy. Sometimes it better to let people go and be in peace. I just pray he knew Jesus.

I don't know what you saw while you were in South Africa, but American media is such a joke. They feed off of the stupid antics of narcissistic stars who feel money gives them status and the right to act complete fools and that us poor Americans will gain pleasure and be entertained by it. If only they realized just how foolish they are! I can't even watch Entertainment Tonight. Partly because the hosts of the show seem to sincerely care about the goings-on of Hollywood.

I'd much rather hear a feel-good story from rural America where mouths are being fed by those worse off but with bigger hearts and sense of purpose and the everyday heroes who save lives by kind deeds and words.

Annette said...

Hi JLI, I'm glad I'm not the only Dirty Dancing fan out there!! :)

Yeah, I understand what you say about the American Media. In SA, the local "stars" are starting to be treated like their Hollywood counterparts. And as long as people keep wanting to hear about these peoples lives, the more the media will hound them. It just gets ridiculous the kind of attention actors and entertainment people get.

When in SA, I probably knew more about Brad & Angelina (more untrue than true, I'm sure)than I did about my own next door neighbours! How odd!! And the sad thing is the way these people get put on pedestals and "idolized". We seem to have things really mixed up.