Monday, August 10, 2009

Boxes anyone?

Boy....another week ahead! Am I the only one who is convinced the fast-forward button has been pressed on life? The weekend gets here, and before you can say "TGIF", Monday rears it's head!

So far we have been in the house for three weeks now, and there are still two IKEA boxes staring at me from the hall, waiting to be assembled. Some other boxes in the bedroom that are crying out to be unpacked, and just things in general that need to be moved and put where they belong....and I just don't seem to be getting around to it.

I do have at least one room in the house that looks beautiful however. The Guest Loo!!! That's right!! Looks great, smells fantastic and is just lovely!
So much so, I have considered moving in there, eating, sleeping etc, etc. But that just wouldn't be right!
Okay, so I am making it sound a tad worse than it is. There is a reasonable semblance of order in our home, and every day I get to accomplish another task or two. Just not as fast as I would like.

Oh, but the joy I feel, every morning, when I get up, and the kids are still in bed, and I sit in the breakfast nook with my cup of coffee, and soak up the morning light pouring through the windows. With the peace and quiet all around (alright...we do live in a cul-de-sac!) and I thank God for this wonderful house that He has blessed us with. I am so grateful!

And I'll get round to those boxes....eventually!!

10/29: But he still hadn\'t unpacked all these boxes, which I basically spent the whole summer packing! Pictures, Images and Photos

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