Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My confession.......

Okay, I'll admit it!!

I AM A REALITY SHOW JUNKIE! YES I AM!! (don't judge me!)

Now, I must stress that I am only referring to talent reality shows. I'm not into all the other rubbish out there. But give me 'American Idol', 'So You Think You Can Dance' and even.....wait for it.....'America's Got Talent', and I just have to watch! It's in my genes or something. I even have my family watching right along with me, bless their hearts!

There's nothing more satisfying than voting for the underdog, and seeing them rise to the occasion. Pulls at my old heart strings, yes it does! Seeing raw talent and passion pushing people to do more and more, and get better and better.

And I always seem to get my fill here in the US. It's like talent show paradise. Once 'American Idols' finished, then 'So You Think You Can Dance' began. And now that is finished (sob!) and I'm watching 'America's Got Talent'. And in a month or two, SYTYCD will be back on the box (aahh, the joys).

In South Africa there was quite the wait between shows, and going cold turkey like that was just not right! Now all that has changed. And I am a happy camper!

So it's not intellectually stimulating viewing. It's not educational, illuminating or informative. But I love it....it's fun......that's all.....somer net! (Afrikaans language for "just because")

This clip from 'Britain's Got Talent' must be one of my favourites....bear with me if you've seen it already. But I had to add it to this post! Enjoy!

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SA Expats said...

I've been watching, "I’m a celebrity, please get me out of here, religiously. Don’t know why, because it sort of suck, but I always watch it for some obscure reason. Lol!

Kacie said...

I can't wait for SYTYCD again this fall! Love that show... and Idol... *sigh*. So many people make fun of me for that, but.... I can't help it. :)

Annette said...

I understand Kacie.....totally!! :)

Kim said...

I avoid reality shows - but you're living in the right country.