Thursday, August 27, 2009

My wish list...

A thing you have to love about the American folk, is their ability to make life easier. In every way imaginable. And the one thing I'm referring to today is housework.

It's one thing everyone has to do, like it or not. Oh, I suppose you could just ignore it, and hope it will go away...but that's just gross!!

Anyway, as I was is every cleaning product and tool that you could want or need here. Gadgets that eliminate the need to bend over, or stretch up in order to clean! A vast array of products promising to make things cleaner, whiter, brighter, sanitary, and above all easier. It's wonderful! Never before have I enjoyed shopping for household cleaning products than I do here now! (sad....I know!)

So I got to making up a wish list of household items I would most definitely invest in, if they were out there. Dream items that would make my cleaning regimen even easier!
  1. A washing detergent that cleans, removes stains, softens and folds the laundry!
  2. A duster that eliminates dust on contact, instead of just pushing it onto the floor that was swept a few minutes ago.
  3. Dish washing liquid that cleans the sink after the dirty water has been let out!
  4. A self-cleaning oven...that actually self-cleans!
  5. A gadget that finds the lost sock in the laundry basket (my sister calls them 'rogue socks')
  6. A window cleaner wipe that cleans both the inside and outside of the window at the same time!! (hey, I don't know how they'll get it to do that....I'm just doing the wishing okay?)
  7. Another duster, that not only dusts away the cobwebs but gets rid of the spiders too, so I don't have to hit them with my shoe!!
  8. Self-cleaning mop-heads.
  9. Lime-scale remover that doesn't require vigorous scrubbing with XX Heavy Duty gloves on. I'm thinking an aerosol spray....that doesn't require any rinsing off!
  10. A vacuum cleaner attachment that lifts up and untangles all those irritating wires behind the TV cabinet, before vacuuming.

Well...that's my wish list. Maybe you can think of a few more. In the meantime, excuse me while I go put in another load of laundry!!


SA Expats said...

I think it is time they invent cleaning robots. :)

boo said...

I must say I love the way you think. Just one more thing. What about the ironing?????

Annette said...

The trick is to put the clean folded clothes underneath all the others in the cupboard....gets pressed eventually!(wink!)

Anonymous said...

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