Thursday, August 13, 2009

Expat life

I have been doing alot of reading about expat women, and expat blogs in general. And spent alot of my time this morning reading other expat experiences and tips for others walking this same path, and embarking on their own "Great Adventure".
I'd never really thought how important this subject was, until I too, left all behind and began the sometimes exhausting task of rebuilding in a place totally unknown to me and my family. I see now, how wonderful it is to be in contact with others going through the same emotions and experiences as I am. Sometimes sitting here, feelings of isolation and even self-pity threaten to overwhelm me, but knowing that there are others out there (even on the other side of the world) who understand my feelings, just seems to help. And reading their stories encourage me, that things will get better, and this stage is only a temporary one!

Of course, my faith has also provided me with a safe haven.

I can vividly recall our (exhausting) 30 hour trip over here in March. And stepping out into the Dubai airport, at midnight, and wandering around looking for a place to let the kids rest for the next 8 hours. At one point I just slumped down on a step in the airport, looked around me at all the foreign faces, cultures and languages, and just felt overwhelmed. Thoughts of doubt started to bombard ....What have we done?.........We are so far away from home.........Have we made a terrible mistake?........... I just wanna go home..............WHAT ON EARTH ARE WE DOING HERE?

And then God spoke.

I just felt his presence there with me, amongst all the chaos and confusion, amongst all the doubt and fear. He simply told me he was there. Right there, with us. And the comfort I felt at hearing that, was amazing. It gave me the courage to carry on, get back on my feet, and know and understand that no matter where on this earth I go, He is right there with me.

I have drawn on that experience alot since moving here. And I know that I needed to go through that, to get me through the months ahead. It is never easy to sell almost everything you own, leave everything you know, everyone you love, and go somewhere totally new and foreign. Where you know no-one, and have no idea what you are in for. But I DO know, that it will get better, and roots will be put down. And friendships made.

In the meantime, I will keep writing down my emotions and experiences. Sharing with anyone willing to read them. I'll make the most of every situation, and enjoy every place I visit. After all, as my hubby and I often remind each other, how many people do we know who would love to be in our shoes right now. It's an opportunity we have been given, and we are determined to make the best of it!

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