Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American history....through the eyes of my nine year old!

Every week, Kellan comes home from school with test and assignments that he's completed. Yesterday he came home with a few more. As I usually do upon receiving these tests, I scanned through them. I either congratulate him on tests that he scored well on, or leave out the ones where he didn't do so well, in order to work through them with him, during that week.

I noticed a test that didn't have such a great mark, and proceeded to look through it.

These are two questions he got wrong......

The first involved a time line showing some important events in American History.

This was the question & his answer....

Yeah...that's my son!!!  And the piece de resistance was the next question.....

By this time, I was trying not to crack up laughing, while maintaining the stoic, poker-face of a mother who is about to give the serious 'benefits-of-getting-good-grades' lecture!

In the end, AFTER I had given the good grade lecture and we had corrected the questions, we both proceeded to have a good giggle at the silly answers he had given. After've gotta keep your sense of humour, right?
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Melinda said...

LOL - well he is right ... in a way! I think if I were the teacher I would have given him credit!! haha! :) thats great!