Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Sorry!!

SORRY Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah, that's me......I'm truly sorry for my extended absence. That thing called life has kept me busy, and the first thing to bear the brunt of this was my blog.

Never fear however, I am BACK!!

It's been a busy few months. Spring has truly sprung here in The Woodlands, Tx, and Easter has come and gone in a flurry of eggs and chocolate. We however, spent the weekend in San Antonio, but that's a post for another day, and you can be sure I'll post lots of photos.

The kids have been busy at school, and I cannot believe there are only 6 weeks of the school year left, and the LONG Summer holiday begins. So, I have been busy helping them with school stuff, and we are attending a Grade 2 musical tonight at Kellan's school, that should be fun!

I'm happy to report that the weather is wonderful, although I believe the dreaded humidity is lurking in the not too distant future. The Woodlands, and the Hill country in Texas are truly beautiful in Spring. With the wildflowers painting the highways and byways in stunning colours of blue (from the Texas state flower Bluebonnet) and other bright colours. I took the following photos on the return trip from San Antonio, after much cajoling on my part in getting the kids to sit amongst the Blue Bonnets, and smile on top of that!

I got a few smiles out of them finally.  The wildflowers are a wonderful thing to see, and admire. After the dreary months of Winter, the earth is putting on a glorious display and I just LOVE it!!

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