Friday, April 23, 2010

Food Revolution....Yeah!!!!!

He started something.Image by marymaddux6272 via Flickr
 So, I am TOTALLY hooked on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution showing here on TV at the moment. I have been a fan of Jamie's cooking shows and recipes for years now. (His Yorkshire Pudding recipe rocks!)
And I have heard of the good influence he has had in the UK school system.

Kudos to Jamie for coming to America! As far as I have heard, a lot of the food served in schools here (including my own kids elementary school) are fast foods. Yes, I will also say that a healthy alternative is given at some schools - it is at my kids' school anyway. But I am pretty sure that it isn't the case everywhere.

Yes, I am the mother of a very picky 6 year old, who would much rather be eating cookies, candy and ice-cream. And that's all the more reason why I think this programme is so important! The last few weeks in our home come dinner time, has been one of constant negotiations to get him to eat his veggies. I am not one of those mom's who'll cook 3 different meals every night, in order for every family member to eat and be happy. Agree, or disagree with me, but I just won't do it.

Jamie said it perfectly on the show, when he said the kids might not want to drink the natural milk, over the sugar loaded chocolate and strawberry milk. But take the bad options away, and keep giving them the healthy alternative, and they'll get used to it!

Call me the eternal optimist, but I have always dished up mashed potatoes to my 6 year old......
He. HATES. Mashed. Potatoes!
Can that be normal, I ask myself ???? He hates it probably as much as I hate green beans....and that's a LOT!!! But there is a persistent, nagging, motherly trait, deep, deep, inside of me, that believes.....truly believes....that my son will one day wolf down his mashed potatoes with gusto! (It's my dream, and I'm sticking with it!)

So go on people, have a look for the Food Revolution badge on the right of the screen, and click on it to sign the petition to help Jamie make a know you want to!

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