Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

Yesterday, our little 11 week old Daschund puppy was almost taken from our back garden by what looked to me like a hawk. That's right...a hawk!!

The weather has slightly improved here, and she has been valiantly exploring our back yard, playing in the leaves, and chasing the kids's big ball with great gusto. I was sitting at the breakfast nook table about a yard away from the back door, which I had left open to keep an eye on her. In the next instant, I heard this terrible yelping, and fluttering.

I looked out the door, already on my feet. And as I looked out, I saw a huge greyish-brown large bird, about 3 feet off the back patio floor. It happened so fast, and before I could even think of what to do, I saw Jingles land on the floor and she came running into the house with the speed of light. She was crying and scared witless!! The hawk had her, but somehow, miraculously, she got away, and didn't, thankfully, fall far. She didn't have a scratch on her little body, and I think that the hawk just didn't have a good enough grip on her..... or something??

Anyway........the hawk went and perched on our next door neighbours tree, and sat there and waited. it eventually moved off to a further tree, but kept a watch out on our yard, it must have stayed there for about 20 minutes.

A quick search on google, and I have since discovered that 'yes', birds of prey will attack pets, especially small breeds and puppies. I read horrifying stories of people who have lost their pets in this way, with either the pet being taken right away, or falling from the bird's grasp at great heights, and dying from the fall. It was extremely sobering.

Well, little Jingles in fine, she had a very high heart rate for about 15 minutes, and got held and examined and fussed by the whole family for the rest of the evening. She has been outside since, but this time she is being accompanied by an extremely protective owner, at all times. Yes, I am no more than a step away from her wherever she walks, and armed with my big black umbrella, to boot! This bird ain't getting near my pup again I'll tell ya!! And just half an hour ago, when I took her outside again, I saw 2 birds of prey circling the sky near our house, and that was playtime over! Inside we went! And she is now sound asleep next to me on the & sound!! Sigh!!


JLI said...

Oh my gosh! I'D be scared witless, right along with the poor puppy!

Not to make light of it, because I'd be very upset if it happened to be, but it reminds me of the movie The Proposal, with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. That VERY thing happened, although it was much more comedic!

Thank goodness she's okay!

Kacie said...

Yikes, that would have been AWFUL to see a hawk carry your little guy away!

Anonymous said...

It's surely the 'Wild West' out here!!! We have to be ready for anything!!