Thursday, January 14, 2010

It sounds like my kinda gum!

It's not that I don't like I can handle. It's that dreaded question I ask myself  EVERY day, and the energy expended trying to figure out the answer to said question.

Oh, the horror!! It's the same, boring question day after day. Constantly trying to think of new ways to cook a chicken breast, I mean how many ways can there be?? I scour my cookbooks, go to the internet cooking sites, and even resort to reading the back of the soup cans for new recipes. All this to inspire my
uninspired cooking brain! It seems futile most days.

I open the fridge, and stare in the freezer to check the meat situation. Then I open the pantry and stare inside, hoping 'something' might jump out at me. Then I check the vegetable drawer to see what's lying in there.
On a good day, a meal will form in my head within seconds.......such joy!! Sadly, those days are the exception and not the rule! It's the monotony that gets to me, I think.
 I DO try new recipes, don't get me wrong, but the chances that my new Parmesan Chicken will be liked by all 3 men in my house are slim. And if I do find a new recipe that everyone enjoys....woohoooo!!!

One of my favourite scenes in a movie has to be the one from Charlie & the Chocolate factory. In which a young girl by the name of Violet Beauregarde has her first taste of a bubble gum meal. She chews on the gum, and voila!! First, the tomato soup, then the roast beef and baked potatoes, lastly the blueberry pie & ice-cream.

Glorious!!! Can you even begin to imagine how wonderful this would be???
All of my culinary problems sorted. No more humming and hawing in front of the open freezer. I could just pop a stick of gum in everyone's mouths, and that's it!! A three course meal  in an instant. *sigh*
Of course, you can leave all that turning blue stuff, and growing to the size of a giant blueberry... that's definetly not a look I want to experiment with!

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