Saturday, January 16, 2010

There is still hope!

It's the story in everyone's mouths, on the TV, in the news, on Twitter, Facebook and in the blogosphere, people are talking about the earthquake in Haiti. An already impoverished nation overcome by tragedy once more. A few years ago, they endured 3 hurricanes in one season. And now this.

I cannot begin to say how overcome I am by the generosity of the American nation. Everywhere I look, on the radio and television, they are making it easy for people to donate even a little something to help these desperate people. There seems to be something inbred in the hearts of the American people that in times like this, they have the most wonderful ability to look past their own - sometimes dire - situations and give of what they have. It's an inspiring quality, which I admire tremendously. I heard on the television just yesterday, that up to now the American Red Cross has received 35 million dollars to help with this disaster. That's just incredible!!

And now, the stories of survival are starting to come in, I listened to this video this morning, and it just encouraged me to keep lifting the Haitians up in prayer, as yes, there are still people living under the rubble, and yes, there is still hope.

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JLI said...

Amen. Why does it take a situation like this to get the media to report the stories that are indeed filled with hope? Even in this midst of this, the news channels are almost all bad news, but you're right. The truth is, there are many lives being saved right now, many sacrifices being made by people from countries worldwide, and the help people need is getting to them.

I'm amazed at how much the media is portraying how the aid is there, but the hands to get it to the people isn't. But it can't be forgotten that the countries providing aid were caught just as much as surprise as the Haitians. I think the response has been incredible and that given the extremity of the situation, a swift response has indeed happened.