Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm talking men's figure skating

I have really been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics over the last few weeks. Especially the figure skating. I love figure skating. And most especially the men's skating. For reason's I can't explain, they just seem more exciting to watch.

To me, this olympics was really exciting because we had the former champion, a Russian by the name of Evgeni Plushenko. And USA's medal hope Evan Lysacek. Both are really good. And great to watch.

In the end Evan Lysacek won the gold for USA, leaving Plushenko visible upset, as he really thought he had nailed it. My favourite was always Lysacek, to me he skated amazingly, and worked really hard for it.

But back to Plushenko. He is very serious on the ice, like a machine, and performs quad and triple jumps like they were cartwheels.
Okay....thats a bad example as I have NEVER been able to do a cartwheel in my life!! But you get the idea!

Anywaaay.....this is a little clip of his free program that led to him getting the silver medal. Just to give you an idea of the caliber of skater that he is.

(Please excuse the foreign commentators throughout the performance, alternately, hit mute!)

How's that???

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this next video of him, performing totally unlike I've seen him perform in competitions. It gave me a very different perspective on Evgeni Plushenko: World Champion.
Now he was channelling Tom Jones: Sex Bomb.

Now if you aren't a fan of Tom Jones and this song (like me), go ahead and hit mute again. But the performance is really funny!


Melinda said...

I also LOVE men's ice skating!! I think it is incredible how the men can use their weight (and muscle) and actually jump as high as they do.

Thanks for sharing this! I have been soooo behind with the Olympics here in Switzerland.

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