Monday, February 1, 2010


No, the above title was not a typo! And no, I have not OD'd on my Dunkin' Donuts caffeine.
Let me elaborate.....

My 8 year old started to tell me how he made his school TV debut during his pleshulhayjans.

Pardon me Kellan??

While I was doing my pleshulhayjans mommy...

You're WHAT Kellan???

(Heavy sigh of frustration from 8 year old) My PLESHULHAYJANS!!!!

Kellan.....I'm sorry my boy, but I have NO idea what you are talking about! Give me a clue please......

(Severe rolling of the eyes from 8 year old) Mommy!! You know what I mean....that thing we do every morning at school........

 Okaaaayyyyyy?????? (still clueless at this point!!)

It's that thing where we talk about America & the flag.........

Suddenly light dawns! I start to smile, and it erupts into a full blown bellylaugh!!

Kellan, do you mean the Pledge of Allegiance?

(a satisfied grin breaks out on his face..) YEEESSSSS Mommy!!

You gotta love it!!

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