Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No fair.

They say it's a small world.....I don't know. Sometimes, to me, it's a really BIG world.

When cold oceans divide, vast continents separate, time differences clash, and everything in between appears foreign and unfocused. Then we feel really far apart.

And no amount of social networking, twittering, emailing, skyping, nor any other form of communication media can seem to make up that distance. It's not the same. It comes close. But not close enough.

Somehow, I cannot spot the veiled sadness behind the smile I'm seeing on my computer screen. I cannot hear the undertones of pain on the other side of my cell phone. It's the down side of not being close enough. You miss the signs, the body-language, the comments that you'd normally pick up on while having a cup of coffee, or over lunch.

Some days, it just doesn't seem fair. Being so far away. Away from the normal, the familiar, the comfortable. Away from what you know, and understand.

And away from the ones who understand you.

1 comment:

rodney said...

You put it perfectly - while emigrating may be necessary for various reasons, it still sucks! Very well put - you captured my feelings perfectly.