Monday, May 17, 2010

She will stay with me forever.....

Lately my 6 year old has been telling me he wants me to stay with him forever.
I know....words that a mother Always.Wants.To. Hear.

On a few occasions he has come up to me, draped his little arm around me, or cuddled really, really close to me, and whispered those few precious words. My heart melts, but also breaks in knowing that I won't always be with him forever.

I tell him that one day he'll get married and live with his wife, and not his Mommy. He thinks a while. Then very seriously says, Mommy, you'll be going on the honeymoon with me!

I don't know what scared me more.....the fact that he's talking about a honeymoon, or that he wants me to go along with him :)

Anyway, this is what he brought home from school the other day, I just had to share it with y'all ....

What he wrote....

My Mom is speshale bicose. (My Mom is special because)
She feds me owase    (she feeds me always)
She prextrt me!!!!!!!!  (she protects me)
She Love me.
She halps me.
She plas withe me. (She plays with me)
She halps gordning. (She helps gardening...which simply means I help him water his bean sprouts!!)
She wile stae with me forever......

She will stay with me forever!

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Julie said...

Awww, how sweet is that?! :)