Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Humidity, spiders and flies.....oh my!

It's hotting up around here.

The summer is here, and hurricane season officially starts June 1st. But that's not all that's starting to rear it's ugly head! Along with the heat & rising humidity comes the bugs. In particular, the flies, persistently irritating!

And horror of horrors, the spiders!

Every night for the last week I have had to resort to the Raid and broom. Those nasty, little critters are blatant enough to walk right through the front door, as hubby goes out to put the cars away. Did I say every night? For the whole week?

And yes, the mozzies are bigger in Texas! So big in fact, that I'm convinced I've seen their Stetson hats, as they fly past and land on my legs. And they don't just emerge at night to wreak their havoc, but are equally potent during the day. I've never known mozzies to come out during the day, but here in Texas, that's their M.O.

Nasty, I tell ya!

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